Monday, July 12, 2010

My neglected Cricut and cleaning out the craft closet

I own a cricut expression. I love it! I have had it about 3 years, but have only used it a few dozen times. I got it the year before I got married. After the wedding and some family illnesses, we moved from TN to TX and I just never found the time to get back to paper crafting. We have been in Lubbock for a year, and during that time I have used it ZERO times. It is safe in my very messy craft closet along with my MANY cartridges.
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POOR CRICUT! I should be ashamed, I know. So I bought a few new cartridges at a super low price to entice me to get it out and play. I can't wait! There are so many fun new cartridges. Also, I have decided I want the Gypsy for Christmas!

As I said before, one year ago (this week), we relocated to Texas. The move was tough and emotional. One of the not so happy things about the move is that instead of getting a large walk-in closet to craft in, I got two small hidden corner closets instead. (they are about 5' wide, but the door opening is barely 2') It was unexpected and quite a let down for my crafty self. My wonderful husband was super supportive and let me purchase numerous things to make it more functional. But still I never seem to craft. I now drag things out to the dining room table and craft there. It works, but I keep my projects to a minimum. I am going back to school in August, so I am now declaring to you blog land that I WILL have my craft closets cleaned and organized by the end of July. I'll post pictures along the way as I get organized. I have gotten some great tips on the web about how to organize all the odds and ends. I am especially excited about getting my ribbon sorted.
Wish me luck!